Sedus Chairs (1999)

Design 1998 / ongoing Production since 1999.
for: Sedus Stoll AG, Waldshut, Germany

Each ‚corner‘ has a particular character, a personality, an appolstered form a ‚Corporal integrity‘ synthesizing the individual components of seat, arm and back. Each ‚corner‘ hovers – supported by an off-centre, tectonic chromed leg and angled steel foot.

Corner 1 : Symmetrical – generous, embracing arms and seductively reduced seat. Two stainless steel legs play a ski-like supporting role.

Corner 2 : Armless, compact – a restrained luxury both as meeting/conference chair or as individual ‚partner chair‘ (‚Lebensabschnittsgefährtensitz‘).

Corner 3 : A jovial fellow – unsymmetry – multidirectionality – the freedom to sit formally or casually, frontally or sideways – ‚this way or that way‘.