‚K‘ Vedute (1996)

The Vedute Foundation is a collection of objects/manuscripts by artists/designers/architects, now housed in the NAI and the Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum in Rotterdam. Each work has the proportion of the Gutenberg Bible and the relationship of ‚Text‘ and ‚Form‘ as its subject.

This contribution (a double volume) is based on the letter ‚K‘ (an atom of language), materialised within the Gutenberg proportions in sturdy plywood. It is the responsibility of an architect not only to ‚give form‘ but also to explore latent interiorities, potential spatialities. Here the ‚K‘ interior has its own inherent geometric agenda − a tunnel, a tube, an inverting telescope (apex mirror). Object becomes instrument (a window to the antipodes even), a trigger for multiple ‚K‘ vectors (textural and spatial).

1996 Vedute Collection NAI, Amsterdam (now in Rotterdam)