40/40 Invisible Monument (2012)

Arata Isozaki informs us that in the
Jodo-ji temple precinct, Ono City, Hygo
Prefecture, are to be found two footprints of
a giant invisible Buddha – a visitor from the
pure land at the western end of the world.

Might Berlin also host such a visitor?
there to survey the sublime proportions of
the east facade of Franco Stella‘s Humboldt
Forum? Which Buddha could this be?
Kaiser Wilhelm, Schluter, Schinkel,
Alexander von Humboldt or even Aldo Rossi
– back to check that his Venetian ‚Tendensa‘
colleague is being handled with respect?

Might also a Water Forum be necessary between
visible and invisible monuments, for Tourist and
Peddle boats to enact their urban trajectories?

Vierzigaufvierzig ‘In der Mitte der Stadt’, BDA Berlin, 2012