Envisioning the Institution (2010)

„The plane was delayed, we were late for the opening party, most of the N.Y art crowd had moved on. He stood like a pillar of salt, immovable, at the centre of the white spiral.

The Guggenheim’s Beuys Retrospective was almost 30 years ago – can it be that time plays tricks on scale?

Is he still there?“


Contemplating the Void: Interventions in the Guggenheim Museum Rotunda

Bolles+Wilson were one of the selected group of artists, architects and designers invited to submit a visionary intervention, the space free of constraints, addressing the intimate and the utopian.

Bolles+Wilson’s intervention conjures a poignant and shared moment in their and the Guggenheim’s history – the Beuys Retrospective exhibition of 1979.

In the centre of the rotunda stands Beuys, in the hat that became the persona, „coyote coat“ and 75-feet tall.

Exhibition and catalogue 2010, New York, USA.