27.07.19 Peter Wilson admitted by the Council of the University of Melbourne as Doctor of Architecture

The Doctor of Architecture Honoris Causa citation, read at the 27th July 2019 Graduation ceremony stressed Wilson’s distinguished and internationally recognised career which began in 1968 at the University of Melbourne, his move to London’s AA in 1972 where subsequently the design ‚Unit‘ he ran for 15 years became one of the signature AA teaching studios. Also thematicised were Wilson’s early theoretical drawings of the mid 1970’s and 1980’s which gained international attention as part of a paradigm shift away from functionalism and towards a renewed interest in the poetics of architecture.

The citation further listed the more recent and extensive built portfolio of BOLLES+WILSON. Though based in Europe for the last forty years Peter Wilson continues to be recognised as an Australian architect.

At the award ceremony in Melbourne’s Neo-Christal-Palace Exhibition Buildings the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor and new Doctor all in full Colonial-Renaissance Academic garb sat in the front row facing thousands of graduates who also individually mounted the stage to receive their degree.