07.11.16 BDA Hamburg Architecure Award for Cinnamon Tower / Harbour Masters Building Ensemble

The Harbour Masters Building Ensemble has been awarded a first prize at this years BDA Hamburg Architecture Award.

BOLLES+WILSON originally won the 2006 competition for the HarbourCity quarter with an unexpected idea: a freestanding Campanile amid the urban landscape. This spectacular tower – as the jury put it – integrates  perfectly in the surroundings and creates a stage for the historic Harbour Masters Building.

The whole ensemble – consisting of the Cinnamon Tower (residential, 2015), Harbour Masters Building (converted hotel, 2016) and the Info Pavilion for the Überseequartier (2009) – has recently been completed and brings a vivd urban plaza to the mega blocks of the HarbourCity.

The BDA Hamburg Architecture Award is presented biannually and recognizes distinguished buildings in the greater area around Hamburg.


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